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General Trading

With our local and global, and International expertise, experience, knowledge and partnerships, Juba General Trading gives your business access to both local and International trading opportunities.


Juba General Trading is specialised in procuring quality goods from various origins; local and International to meet our customers’ requirements, whether sourcing coffee beans, tropical fruits or technical equipment e.t.c. We are your reliable source.

Import and Export

Juba General Trading operates in a local and global environment, sourcing and delivering goods all around the planet. From placing orders to arranging deliveries, our customer service teams ensure orders are treated in a timely and efficient manner.

Investors and Partners

As a recognised commodity experts, acting as agent or principal on your behalf, we are able to find, market and sell the best products, at the best prices to the right people, at the right time.

Juba Global Trading

Jubagt is a trading company, offering integrated trading solutions to local businesses and companies worldwide.

Juba General Trading specialize in trade worldwide. Juba General Trading is a Trading company which offers a variety of goods and services ranging from Agricultural products, Apparrels, Automobiles & Motocycles, Machinery, Mechanical Parts, Spare Parts, Vehicle Spare Parts, Beauty & Personal care, Chemicals,food Computers, Electronics, Gagdgets, Security Gadgets, Security & Protection Equipment, Electrical Equipment, Sports Equipment, Sport Items, Home Appliances, Constructions materials, Clothing Materials, Textile Products, Garments, Sports Wear, Fashion Accessories, Luggage Bags & Accessories, Food & Beverage, Foodstuffs, Hotel supplies, Surgical Equipment, and Health & Medical services to minerals.   
Juba General Trading offers a selection of unique and special products for you, your home, and your business. We have diversified and attempted to select the best the marketplace has to offer and present it to you for your satisfaction. Juba General Trading organizes, manages and transacts its general trading businesses, both with local and its overseas associates, expertly and ingeniously using its network of information, manpower, technical know-how, experience, and connections to conduct its business on a global stage. Juba General Trading has viable financial resources at its disposal to conduct, monitor, identify and invest in any and all projects falling in its dynamic and independent operational sphere of diverse nature.
As one of South-Sudan's top renewable energy; solar power companies and is the top solar company based in Juba, the capital of South-Sudan, serving all of South Sudan. Juba General Trading is reaching out beyond the borders of South-Sudan and Africa at large, and has expanded to Asia where it has an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in order to be able to grow technologically and meet stake holders and investors.
We express our deep gratitude to you on your visit to our website. And since you are here, please allow us to take you on a quick tour in order to recognize our concerns and aspirations, just please click on the buttons main windows. And navigate between these windows whenever and however you wish, we hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and we hope to see you again.
We at Juba General Trading are your South Sudan regional provider of solar power design and installation services. Whether your home, business or other project is in South Sudan, Africa, or Asia, Juba General Trading as an international company has an office close by to serve your needs.
Juba General Trading is focused on renewable energy with a better technology and a sustainable business model in powering a growing movement to cleaner, more affordable energy from the sun. It's better for the planet, better for your pocketbook, and better for your energy-focused lifestyle. Come visit us at Juba General Trading and do business with us. Contact Us today.

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