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Juba General Trading is a private company based in Kuala Lumpur, capital of Malaysia. Juba General Trading is one of the first South Sudanese national company, in terms of global presence and competitiveness, which has strategically positioned us to meet and serve all the needs and economic solutions to the infant market of South Sudan. Consequently, these have provided the opportunity to do business with the appropriate companies and individuals around the world. This will enable us to contribute our quota to the raising and improving the economic level of South Sudan.
Juba General Trading as a company will support and facilitate the living condition for all segments of the South Sudan local and national society. Juba General Trading is always striving to enhance it's reputation and professional journey, where we as a the company, are proud of the confidence that our customers give us. These have ultimately become a benchmark for us in order to attain the hallmark of South Sudan.
Juba General Trading earnestly seek to increase communications level with our customers and our suppliers, professionally, whether by direct contact or through social networks to reach our esteem customers. So that we can ensure the needs of the South Sudanese market are met, by providing the largest and finest assortment of goods and global products to the people of South Sudan. We have partnered and subsequently become the official and exclusive agent for several international companies, all thanks to the continuous efforts of our management and governance at Juba General Trading.
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